Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just 4 U


Every day passes with a hope
to spend a day with you..
True love dreams do come true
The dream I have is to live with you....

You were and are special to me
My love, my angel, my Shining Star
I have loved you truly
Unfortunately today you are very far....

I don't know, neither do I claim,
That nobody else loves you this way
Forcing u 2 love me isn't my aim
For me you are my untouched God, my pray...

I always felt that love's just an illusion in the mind,
It's all unreal, fake, impossible to find
But the day I met you, I began to see,
That love is real, and exists in me....

All i ever wanted was
to be a part of your heart..
And for us to be together
to never be apart....

I think about you all night long
Think about you as the day goes
I dream about you with my eyes open
Dream about you when they are close....

You build walls to see who cares for u
Can climb them to be there for u
Don't know if I've the right to stand besides u
Don't even know if I've the right to be there for u...

Today I stand all alone where you left me
Waiting for you, praying with the passing time
With a little hope that you will realize
What I feel When u'll be back, i'll be fine....

I know many love you the way I do
Coz you are such a sweetheart
I know myself, I love you the max I can
For me you are ultimate, For me You are my part....

I wish for your happiness Pray for your SMILES
My love for u is un-conditional
I hope that one day you will surely realize,
How PERFECT you are when seen through my Eyes...