Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feelings to convey (July 2010)

Always thought, love was not meant for me
Until I met someone who made me believe
That love is eternal, it keeps us surround
I feel in love, when I saw you arround...

Take some time to listen to what I say
Have something I really need to convey
These are my feelings, my heart for you
I wanna convey, I am in love with you...

I may not be the perfect guy you look for
May not be the kind you have dreams of
But I promise to be that one guy for you
Who will love you,will always be there for you...

Baby, how much I love you this way
What my heart says, I need to convey
These are my feelings, my love for you
Wish to convey, wanna spend life my with you...

All these are my feelings I wanted to convey
Don't wish to hurt you by telling this way
If ever you feel that my love is true
Just run into my arms, I'll always wait for you !!!

Moments, like never before (July 2010)

This is the night we always dreamed of
Alone you and me, moments like never before
Come in my arms, let's reprise our love
Lose yourself in me, as stars in the sky above...

Candels are lit, beautiful roses are around
You in my arms, with only love to surround
Soft music in the air, how romantically plays
Let us make this night and no further delays...

I can feel the fragrance of your breath
The touch of your fingers around my neck
Warmth of your lips gently touching mine
Caressing in love, the moments so divine...

I brush my fingers in your beautiful hair
Cute kisses and pecks with lots of care
Hugging and cuddling making love together
Blessings from above, truly made for each other...

How heavenly my love you look tonight
The shine on your face, your smile so bright
So blessed I am on being loved by you
Like Romeo and Juliet, our love so true...

This is the night we'll always remember
Full of love and our souls to surrender
Stay in my arms, I wanna love you more
Alone you and me, Moments like never before !!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You

Did I ever tell you... (June 2010)

You have always been there
Holding my hand, standing besides me...
You took a lot of care
Even my life kept me busy....

Did I ever tell you
I love you from the depth of my heart...
My feelings for you are true and honest
No matter what; we will never be apart....

You sacrifice your dreams
Just to fulfill mine...
Walk with me in all weathers
Do everything to keep me fine....

Did I ever tell you
What a wonderful companion you have been...
Your love and support is so special
What I am saying is what I really mean....

You are the strength for me
That makes me stronger, helps me grow...
You've brought me all the good luck
Baby, how much you've done, even you don't know....

Did I ever tell you
I feel blessed to have you with me...
Will love you like this even after my death
You're the one for me and you always have been !!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


One Wish - Together Forever

Have some wishes, which I want to be get fulfilled
Long lasting desires deep in my heart...
Hope, God above is listening to me when I say
To keep you and me together, never to be apart....

Wish to rise each day with, feel of your lips on my cheek
Whispers of your breath in my ears, touch of your fingers on my skin...
You hugging me in your arms, your heartbeats close to mine
Warmth of emotions in your eyes, feelings of love deep within....

Wish to see you each day of my life, together forever
Love you with my sincerity and to be loved by you...
Holding hands and walking the path of life
No matter how's time, I'll always be with you.....

Wish to die one day, watching you, lying in your arms
With a wish to live one more moment to see you one more time...
To tell you I loved you all my life and when I am gone
I will be there around you to see that you are fine.....

These are my wishes, which I need to be get fulfilled
Ultimate desires deep down in my heart...
A one single thought to have you by my side
Prayers to the Almighty, so that we are never apart !!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

After We Met - the First Time

After We Met - the First Time

First Meeting, between you and me
Has caused a sweet sensation deep within...
My life has changed in one single moment
I am no more the guy I used to be.....

Seems you have come straight to me from above
To hold my hand, bring me love...
Now I have met you, my love, my destiny
Found the happiness, which was missing in me....

After we met, the first time, my mind lost its control
Can't stop myself either, my heart is on a roll...
Feelings deep within, Emotions, Testing times
All of them say, Sweetheart, I wanna make you mine....

I sense; this feeling is ecstatic; this feeling is new
You've made me fall in love; This is all b'coz of you...
Life is suddenly so beautiful, Love keeps me surround
I see you everywhere, see you all around....

Very first meeting, between you and me
Has aroused never felt emotions deep within...
My destiny has changed in one single moment

All I say, I am no more the guy I used to be !!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Love is... YOU !!!

What is love, how can it be defined
Some says it's an illusion, impossible to find...
I believe, it's God's gift, resides in our hearts
Binds two souls together, never to be apart....

Love exists in this world in different forms
One thing in common, it has no condition; no norms...
Love makes one's life beautiful, gives reasons to live
It makes no demands, but has everything to give....

Love gives us strength, the courage to fight
To face the bad time with all its might...
Love heels our deep wounds and pain
There is nothing to lose; Love is all gain....

Love is an intense emotion shared between two hearts
Feelings of care; a promise to be never apart...
Love is passion; seeks no boundaries no language
Love is for you and me and people of all age....

Love is a trust, Love is surrender
It's an emotion which is warm and tender
Love exists everywhere; Love is Eternal and True
Not sure how it's defined, but for me, LOVE IS YOU !!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Smile of Yours


One Smile of Yours
Is worth LIVING my life for...
It makes me forget all day's pain
Refreshing;like a dance in rain....

Life's tough,brings all the troubles
Your Smile makes them go like bubbles...
It gives me strength to face them all
Tells,you are with me till my last call....

One Smile of yours
Is worth watching all day long...
It makes me realize you love the most
No matter how's time;you won't leave me at any cost....

I love the way you Smile when I see you
It makes my day to see our bonding so true...
Your Smile so sweet;your Smile so refreshing
Its soothing for my heart;totally caressing....

One Smile of Yours
Is worth GIVING my life for...
Will do anything for this smile;that's how I see
Coz, my love, I love you and you're the one for me!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My love, You Will See

My Love, You Will See

How this life goes by
Just in a blink of an eye...
I shall wait an Eternity
This my love, you will see .....

I wanna hide my love in your heart
Keep it safe so that we are never apart...
My heartis full of love;feels no pain
Your love has made me crazy;has made me insane ......

How this moment goes by
Like a shooting star in the sky...
My love is Eternal and my heart agrees
This my love, you will see.....

Make a small promise with me
Its more real then lives we live...
My heart beats along with your heart beats
I'll follow your soul wherever it leads .....

How fast this time goes by
So hold my hand and make a try
I'll love you until I breath
This my love, you will see !!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Listen to your heart

Listen To Your Heart

Why do you hide, feelings of your heart
Listen to your heart so that we can make a start....
Why there are distances between me and you
Hold my hand and let's make this relation true.....

Listen to your heart to what it says
It will guide you, will show you the way....
Close your eyes and try to see this
Image of one single person you wanna be with....

When in love, this heart goes insane
Won't listen to whatever the world say
It doesn't care about society's rules
In love of someone; becomes obstinate and fool....

I know you love me the way I love you
Know you wanna be with me till the life is through...
I know this and my heart also know
During soltitude you miss me a lot.....

Listen to your heart and listen it true
It says you feel for me the way I do....
Understand these feelings and let's be together
Our hearts says; we are made for each other! ! !

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

KITES, Like two of US

KITES, Like Two of US

Feel my love and let our hearts fly
Like two beautiful kites in the sky....
Away from the rules of this world
Just in control of thread of our love !!!

Come in my arms;let our fears go by
Like two beautiful kites in the sky....
Hugging each other amidst deep love
Feelings;as pious as a white dove !!!

Love this moment; let our souls enjoy
Like two beautiful kites in the sky....
Loving each other's presence around
Away from sins,only love to surround

Lets go far, lets make a try
Like two beautiful kites in the sky....
Making love in the heaven up above
Rising higher in the depth of love !!!

Baby, we two are like those kites
Sometimes closer;sometimes fights....
Still we love to fly high in the sky
Tangling in love;until we die!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

You n I and this Moment

You n I and this Moment

This is the moment, we wanted to live
You n I together; lots of love to give....

Moon is full; looks beautiful today
You n I, always waited for this day...
Night is blue at her shining best
Lets make love; keep everthing at rest....

This is the moment, we always waited for
Our first special night; time is like never before....

Come closer to me and hug me tight
Loving each other amidst dim light...
You don't know how stunning you look
Wanna make this moment; a shakespear book....

This is the moment we both used to dream
You n I together; no one around to be seen....

I love the way you shy away like this
When I come close to give you a kiss...
Look in my eyes; tell me what you can feel
No one sees you baby the way I see....

This is the moment we both will remember
Our first night together with our love to surrender...

Lets live this moment with our love so warm
God of love has blessed us with all his charm
Baby, hold my hand and come closer to me
Feeling eachother's breaths; setting our
souls free!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010



There are few words I need to say
Something has struck me since past few days
Need your time to listen me through
My heart says I am in love with you....

Give me one chance to make a start
Promise you; we will never be apart
You may not feel the way I do
But I promise to always love you....

My love for you will remain forever
Hold my hand and i'll leave you never
Swear on myself to make you believe
Only a ''yes'' from you can give me relief....

Weather will change the time will change
My love for you will never change

I get down on my knee to tell this true
I love you baby;I love only you....

I'll protect you from all evils and bad
Always make you smile; never let u feel sad
Will be your shadow throughout your life
Accept my proposal and be my wife !!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Only One for Me

Only One For Me

Life wasn't the same, when you were not there
Everyone was around but I used to be solitaire
You came;along came all the happiness that set me free
Now I know what I wanted;what was missing in me....

I love you the way you are
Just give me a chance to make a start
I'll be there for you;that's how I see
All I can say, You are the only one for me....

You are miles away, still I love you this way
But I feel you are with me;in my every day
I love you with all my heart;all my sincerity
Don't know what lies ahead, togetherness or disparity....

I love you no matter wherever you are
Once we are together, we'll never be apart
My love for you is honest,that's how I see
Wanna tell this, You are the only one for me....

I wish you could ever come and see
How incomplete my life has been
I wish you could ever come and feel
What I've to offer and what I really need....

I love you even if you don't agree
Won't ever force you to be with me
Wish you get all what you love;all what you need
But I'll confess, You are the only one for me !!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Falling In Love ... All Over Again !!!

Falling In Love ... All Over Again !!!

I am falling in Love
With U; all over again ...
Mesmerised with your sparkling eyes
Your beauty has left me insane ....

I am falling in love
With your so pretty face...
I just can't keep my eyes off you
You've made me loose my pace ....

I am falling in love
With you as the time goes ...
You look so vivacious today
like a dew on a bud of red rose ....

I am falling in love
with your charismatic smile ...
Time's flown back to day we met
Once again I wanna make you mine ....

How beautiful God has made you
No word is best enough to explain ...
I have to say; I am falling in love
With you my sweetheart, All Over Again !!!


Let Me Hide You

Let me hide you in my heart
Allow no one to see you apart from me...
Will love you my love more than my life
I swear on myself to make you believe....

I've come to bring love in your life
To dedicate my every breath on you...
Come and bring life in my heart beat
Come close to me and make this true....

Let me hide you in my arms
Allow no one to touch you apart from me...
Making you feel special all day
Love in my eyes,baby now you can see....

I remain lost;can't sleep at night
My love for you has made me insane...
Your thoughts are never out of my mind
How much I crave for you is hard to explain....

Let me hid you in the depth of my love
Allow no one to love you apart from me...
Telling you how much you mean to my heart
I say ''I love you'' by getting down on my knee !!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Let's come closer one more time
Closer enough to make this fine,
Making this night worth remember
Sharing love with total surrender....

Come closer to me and make this true
Closer enough to love me all night through,
Hugging each other with our love so bright
Making this our very special night....

Come closer to me in my arms
Closer enough to feel the warmth,
Soft and gentle kisses all around
Loving each other without any bound....

Come closer to see how much I mean
Closer enough like you never have been,
To feel how much I feel for you
To love me the way I love you....

Let me come closer one more time
Closer enough to make you mine,
Making this moment worth remember
Sharing love with warmth and tender! ! !

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Like Your Sky

Like Your Sky

Wherever you go, wherever you are
You'll find me there, no matter how far
It doesn't matter how distant you fly
I'll always be with you, Just like your sky....

If ever you feel, hot sun rays around
I'll become a cloud to sooth your surround
If ever you feel alone, lonely and solitaire
I'll become your shadow to always be there....

If ever clouds of sadness surrounds
Let them rain on me with all their bounds
If something bothers or you're upset or hurt
Allow those pains and troubles to hit me first....

Ever since you've come in my life
You've spread around a trap of smiles
Now I've understood the true way of living
By getting lost in you, I've found my everything....

Wherever you go, I'll come with you
Will walk with you till the life is through
Wherever you are, no matter how far you fly
I'll always be with you, just like your sky !!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Need You Tonight

Need You Tonight

I need you tonight
Need you all day long,
Moments spent are so bright
Really matters if you are along....

I need you in my arms
Loving me all day through,
Together from dusk till dawn
Our love makes all this true....

I need you to hold my hand
Tell me how much this means to you,
Need you to make me understand
Love me the way I love you....

I need you to come and see
How ecstatic my life has been
Need you to cherish this moment
No one around, just you and me....

I really need you tonight
Need you as the time goes by,
Hugging each other so tight
Loving and let our hearts fly!!!

Still Love You

Still Love You
Somewhere down the road
I am feeling this way,
You're not coming back to me
No matter how hard I pray.....

You were not like this
Feeling less towards me,
The love in your eyes
Baby, now I can not see.....

I thought you love me
the way I love you,
But you prove me all wrong
That's what I know, that's what is true.....

I heard first love remains
forever in our hearts,
Either I wasn't the one for you
Or this is all myth; All false....

Now what can I do
Apart from missing you,
You have moved far away
But I Still Love you !!!