Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Listen to your heart

Listen To Your Heart

Why do you hide, feelings of your heart
Listen to your heart so that we can make a start....
Why there are distances between me and you
Hold my hand and let's make this relation true.....

Listen to your heart to what it says
It will guide you, will show you the way....
Close your eyes and try to see this
Image of one single person you wanna be with....

When in love, this heart goes insane
Won't listen to whatever the world say
It doesn't care about society's rules
In love of someone; becomes obstinate and fool....

I know you love me the way I love you
Know you wanna be with me till the life is through...
I know this and my heart also know
During soltitude you miss me a lot.....

Listen to your heart and listen it true
It says you feel for me the way I do....
Understand these feelings and let's be together
Our hearts says; we are made for each other! ! !

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

KITES, Like two of US

KITES, Like Two of US

Feel my love and let our hearts fly
Like two beautiful kites in the sky....
Away from the rules of this world
Just in control of thread of our love !!!

Come in my arms;let our fears go by
Like two beautiful kites in the sky....
Hugging each other amidst deep love
Feelings;as pious as a white dove !!!

Love this moment; let our souls enjoy
Like two beautiful kites in the sky....
Loving each other's presence around
Away from sins,only love to surround

Lets go far, lets make a try
Like two beautiful kites in the sky....
Making love in the heaven up above
Rising higher in the depth of love !!!

Baby, we two are like those kites
Sometimes closer;sometimes fights....
Still we love to fly high in the sky
Tangling in love;until we die!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

You n I and this Moment

You n I and this Moment

This is the moment, we wanted to live
You n I together; lots of love to give....

Moon is full; looks beautiful today
You n I, always waited for this day...
Night is blue at her shining best
Lets make love; keep everthing at rest....

This is the moment, we always waited for
Our first special night; time is like never before....

Come closer to me and hug me tight
Loving each other amidst dim light...
You don't know how stunning you look
Wanna make this moment; a shakespear book....

This is the moment we both used to dream
You n I together; no one around to be seen....

I love the way you shy away like this
When I come close to give you a kiss...
Look in my eyes; tell me what you can feel
No one sees you baby the way I see....

This is the moment we both will remember
Our first night together with our love to surrender...

Lets live this moment with our love so warm
God of love has blessed us with all his charm
Baby, hold my hand and come closer to me
Feeling eachother's breaths; setting our
souls free!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010



There are few words I need to say
Something has struck me since past few days
Need your time to listen me through
My heart says I am in love with you....

Give me one chance to make a start
Promise you; we will never be apart
You may not feel the way I do
But I promise to always love you....

My love for you will remain forever
Hold my hand and i'll leave you never
Swear on myself to make you believe
Only a ''yes'' from you can give me relief....

Weather will change the time will change
My love for you will never change

I get down on my knee to tell this true
I love you baby;I love only you....

I'll protect you from all evils and bad
Always make you smile; never let u feel sad
Will be your shadow throughout your life
Accept my proposal and be my wife !!!