Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feelings to convey (July 2010)

Always thought, love was not meant for me
Until I met someone who made me believe
That love is eternal, it keeps us surround
I feel in love, when I saw you arround...

Take some time to listen to what I say
Have something I really need to convey
These are my feelings, my heart for you
I wanna convey, I am in love with you...

I may not be the perfect guy you look for
May not be the kind you have dreams of
But I promise to be that one guy for you
Who will love you,will always be there for you...

Baby, how much I love you this way
What my heart says, I need to convey
These are my feelings, my love for you
Wish to convey, wanna spend life my with you...

All these are my feelings I wanted to convey
Don't wish to hurt you by telling this way
If ever you feel that my love is true
Just run into my arms, I'll always wait for you !!!

Moments, like never before (July 2010)

This is the night we always dreamed of
Alone you and me, moments like never before
Come in my arms, let's reprise our love
Lose yourself in me, as stars in the sky above...

Candels are lit, beautiful roses are around
You in my arms, with only love to surround
Soft music in the air, how romantically plays
Let us make this night and no further delays...

I can feel the fragrance of your breath
The touch of your fingers around my neck
Warmth of your lips gently touching mine
Caressing in love, the moments so divine...

I brush my fingers in your beautiful hair
Cute kisses and pecks with lots of care
Hugging and cuddling making love together
Blessings from above, truly made for each other...

How heavenly my love you look tonight
The shine on your face, your smile so bright
So blessed I am on being loved by you
Like Romeo and Juliet, our love so true...

This is the night we'll always remember
Full of love and our souls to surrender
Stay in my arms, I wanna love you more
Alone you and me, Moments like never before !!!