Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tough to say... Goodbye! (a song)

I don’t know why you’re lying to me
And you think that I will believe
You say you don’t love me anymore
Now tell me how you can be so sure...

Tell me then why do you cry
I can find a way, I can try
What’s the reason, tell me why?
It’s so tough to say... goodbye...

I look at you, and all I can see
Love for me, so much just for me
And you say you don’t feel it anymore
C’mon tell me, what makes you so sure?

Still you say it isn’t a lie
Then tell me why you cry
What’s the reason, please tell me why?
It’s so tough for you to say... goodbye...

Trust me, we can solve anything
Good bad days life always bring
We need to be strong even more
Believe me, I am so very sure

Along with you, I also cry
We both know our love can survive
Just hold on, I tell you why
Coz, it’s so tough to say... goodbye!

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