Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thank You '2015'!

2015 is over! They say … if you feel that the time has elapsed quickly, then you had a great time. 2015 indeed was a great year for me.

Though it didn’t start on a promising note, when I hurt myself, and was ‘almost’ bed-ridden for more than two months. Thank you to my family, friends (including my office colleagues) for their good wishes, which helped me in the speedy recovery.

The rest of the year flew away in planning and preparing for my sister’s wedding (27 Nov 2015). Shopping, Shopping, and some more shopping! Phew, it was an experience to plan and conduct a perfect wedding. Glad she is happy! Yay!

Books kept me busy. Though I didn’t have a single release this year! Damn! I guess I am writing at a snail’s pace. I need to work on it (one of my 2016’s resolution). I finished 12 HOURS’ Hindi Translation, and also completed my next Romance-Thriller (It took 3 years!). Thanks to all of you for being patient with me. You all are special.

Te Amo… I LOVE YOU reached a milestone (now I have an awesome gang of 40k readers), and we released a special GOLD Edition.

Office was hectic too. Can’t share the details. Company’s policy! :-) :-)

Yes! I fulfilled my resolution too! I am still bachelor :P :D

So 2015 was yet another great year for me! I hope it went well for you too. 2016 is going to be yet another important year for me (good/bad, I don’t know yet!)

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2016. Stay happy, stay healthy, spread love, and be good. Enough of my speech. Enjoy the NEW YEAR EVE.


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